Initial and Recurrent Training

The King Air Academy™ (KAA) is comprised of the most experienced King Air pilots and instructors in the industry.  Our mission is to provide efficient, relevant and personalized instruction, specific to the Beechcraft King Air, for today’s flying environment while respecting your time and money.

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Our training courses are designed for both the professional flight crew and the owner/single-pilot operations. A “Pinch Hitter” course is also available for non-pilots. We have preferred rates at nearby hotels, and provide a working lunch during training. Let us help make your Initial or Recurrent Training something you look forward to and enjoy.

The long-awaited “The King Air Book – Volume II” by Tom Clements is here.   In this second volume, Tom has compiled additional tales from forty-seven years of flying and teaching in the world’s most popular executive aircraft.

HOW WE TRAIN – Focused exclusively on King Airs – Personalized based on aircraft type & your experience – ForeFlight available for all phases of flight – Centered around today’s flying, including WAAS approaches – Qualified instructors with thousands of hours of King Air training



The Academy is proud to utilize the procedures and techniques outlined by Tom Clements.  Every student at the King Air Academy will receive a copy of Tom’s “The King Air Book“.


Our Recurrent program is designed to benefit pilots who have previously completed an Initial training program for the King Air model they regularly fly.  Upon successful completion of both the Ground and Flight Training portions of the program, a Certificate of Completion is issued for insurance purposes.

Our Initial program is designed for pilots who currently fly multi-engine airplanes, but are new to the King Air.  Upon successful completion of both the Ground and Flight Training portions of the program, a Certificate of Completion is issued for insurance purposes.

We have Type Rating programs designed for both the Professional Pilot and the Owner Pilot.


The Pre-Purchase Flight Evaluation is an independent, unbiased, evaluation of the aircraft utilizing our vast expertise with all King Air models.

After the inspection and maintenance are completed, the Acceptance Flight is done to ensure the aircraft’s systems are indeed performing as intended and that all items in the Issues list are corrected. The Acceptance Flight results in a comprehensive report of all identified issues.

The first flight after maintenance is your most dangerous flight.  Most facilities do not fly the aircraft after maintenance.  The Post Maintenance flight determines if the airplane is truly ready to leave the shop.


At King Air Academy, we offer a variety of static and motion simulators to fit your training needs.  For clients that desire actual “in aircraft” training in addition to simulator training or that are new to King Airs and would like to perform ‘real world’ flight scenarios with one of our qualified instructors, we offer training in your King Air.